Little Red Crochet Bag


  • 175 yards of nylon cord
  • 2 handles
  • Drawstring liner
  • Beaded button
  • Base board bottom
  • Crochet Hook: J or size needed to obtain gauge.
Gauge: 3 sts per 1 inch
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet

With size J crochet hook, ch 61.
Beginning in 2nd ch from hook, work sc in each stitch (60 sc). Slip stitch in beginning chain to form ring. Continue sc until tube measures 6 inches high. Note: It is not necessary to chain at end of each row - simply continue around tube.
Ch 2, turn.
Row 1: sc in 2nd stitch from hook and next 10 stitches, ch 2, turn. (10 sc)
Row 2: sc in 2nd stitch from hook and in each stitch across and in ch 2 space, ch 2, turn.
Row 3: Repeat row 2.
Row 4: Decrease one stitch at beginning and at the end of row, sc all other stitches in row.
Rows 5-6: Repeat row 5.
When 4 stitches remain, ch 10, slip stitch newly formed chain to opposite side creating a loop, finish off.
Lay bag flat on a table. Attach the button to the middle front of the bag. Weave in all loose ends with the crochet hook.
Make two patches as follows:
Ch 10. In 2nd ch from hook, *sc in each stitch across, ch 2, turn*. Repeat from * 3 times more. Patch will measure approximately 1 in. x 3 in.
Whip stitch the top edge of one patch near the top inside center of the bag. Place one of the handles between the patch and the inside body of the bag and whip stitch the bottom of the patch in place. Repeat on opposite side.
Chain 15. In 2nd ch from hook, *sc in each stitch across, ch 2, turn*. Repeat from * until piece measures 6 in. high.
Whip stitch the bottom of the bag to the bottom of the body tube. Turn the bag inside out and whip stitch the base board to the bottom. Place drawstring liner inside and enjoy!
Shoulder Strap (Optional):
Crochet: Ch. 6 stitches. Sc in each ch beginning in 2nd ch from hook, ch 2, turn. Repeat pattern for 40 in. Secure strap to inside of the baseboard and to top edge of bag.

  • Add an eyelash or novelty yarn.
  • Add beads to the closure.
  • Create an inside pocket with either leftover cord or fabric.