30" square for a crib sized blanket

DK/8ply yarn
200grams white
100grams contrasting colour
4mm crochet hook
Shell pattern: 3dc, 2ch, 3dc

  1. With the white yarn ch 9
  2. Into 6th ch work the shell stitch (dc 3, 2 ch, dc3) ch 3. Skip 2 ch and into last remaining ch slip st to join up. 3 ch and turn your work so that you are working into the bottom chains (upside down)
  3. Work a shell stitch (dc 3, 2 ch, dc3). 1 dc into 3rd ch.  Ch3, turn your work.
  4. Repeat the shell pattern for 45 rows or (as many rows as you require for you blanket). 
  5. To give the strip a border in the contrasting colour join at a convenient place and ch3.  Work in dc all around the strip working extra dc's at the points of the strip.

When you have worked 10 strips with the contrast yarn or (as many as you require for your project) Join the strips with the white yarn in a sc join.  Here are two video clips that will demonstrate firstly a  flat single crochet join and then one that I used for preference.

BUBBLE POP crochet stitch blanket 
(with single crochet join)

When all strips are joined as one piece work a dc border around all four sides working multiple dc's at the corners and points.  This gives the blanket a lovely finish.