I Opened An Etsy Shop, Now What?

I’ve opened an Etsy Shop — Now What?

1. SEO

Etsy SEO (Search Engine Optimization) drives traffic to individual shops. You want to do your best to show up on the first beginning pages of those search results…not page 213. How can you do this? There are basics to SEO…I know it sounds very technical, but essentially, it’s all about keywords and the order of those words. Keywords are words that simply describe your item in the best way possible.

Let’s start with an example:

2.Your Titles

You might want to ‘title’ your work like ‘Shoot your Arrow’…you think being creative will help you stand out, when in fact, that isn’t how anyone would search for a ring. Make sense? Your title needs to describe what is for sale. A better title for this example would be: Wide Band Ring – Arrow Ring. What I just did there is include two variations in one title. Wide Band Ring is broad, but popular. Arrow Ring is more specific. Having both can help.

3. Tags/Keywords

You have 13 keywords to use that help you get ‘found’ online. This is crucial! These keywords are very important that they describe your item. You also want to use these keywords in your description (where you can be more detailed as well). Color, Shape, Material are examples. There is a 20 character limit to your keywords so short 2-3 word phrases are good. You want to use words that YOU would use if you were a buyer searching for something. How would you describe this item simply to find it online? The first few words are categories in the search side bars of Etsy that people use to help narrow their search. Be included!

Basics First:





(9 keywords left!)

Wide Band Ring

Silver Band Ring

Arrow Ring

Arrow Jewelry

Silver Arrow Ring

If you feel like you have capitalized on basic keyword descriptions and still have more keywords available, you can be a little more creative. Some items take up all 13 keywords easily. Others don’t. I have 4 keywords left. Some suggestions:

Use your shop name as a keyword.

Sometimes, someone remembers you telling them about your business and just decides to search you online. By me having ‘January Jewelry’ as a keyword—it might help them find me. Granted, I will show up in a search full of Garnet birthstone listings–BUT ….my shop stats SHOW ME that ‘january jewelry’ gets searched A LOT …I want this keyword.

4. What’s Trending?

Use words that are ‘trending’. How do you know what’s trending?

Etsy has e-mail newsletters that highlight popular stuff—capitalize on this! (Side note: There are many other etsy topic newsletters that are helpful to etsy shop owners —sign up!)

Back to trending items:

Is ‘emerald’ a trending color that might be a color in your handbag? Use it.

Is ‘geometric’ a trending style that might describe your item? Use it.

Still stuck? Check out similar items to yours, and scroll to the bottom to see what tags THEY are using! This might REALLY help you with some direction.

4. Shop Stats

Now that you’ve learned a little more about SEO regarding tags and titles —you want to check out your shop stats to see what’s working for you! It shows you where your traffic is coming from, what keywords are being searched, what items are being viewed, and more. Use this as a gauge to see what’s popular and where your traffic is coming from. Since I changed my name on Pinterest to JanuaryJewelry (verses my personal name), I’ve already seen increased traffic to my etsy shop! And that was a minor change! Use these stats to help you revise your tags and your titles.

5. Let’s get SOCIAL

SEO isn’t the only way for people to notice you. Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest can be insanely helpful (another blog post will go into more detail on these later!) These are avenues that provide free networking and advertising for you—just by you ‘being you’ and sharing your world with others! How cool is that? Be real ya’ll. Connect with people. I’ve seen businesses spend $ZERO DOLLARS$ on advertising because social media today works it’s magic..and BOOM…their business grows successfully and astronomically because of these platforms. We live in a visually driven world. Show them your journey and behind the scenes stuff every now and then! Your process. Connect with people and you will see that they respond positively– and this is relevant Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest! Now go on and get social!